Overwhelmed by wedding planning?

Overwhelmed by Wedding Planning?

First of all, congratulations on your engagement!

If you haven’t started taking in the amazing feeling of being engaged yet, I highly recommend it. And while friends and family will want to know all the plans and intricate details (mainly the ones you haven’t made yet), don’t be afraid to tell them you’re just enjoying this special time together for now. And when you do decide that you’re ready to start wedding planning, let me give you a few tips! After following over 100s of wedding in my career, I have gained some valuable tips that I wish I knew when planning a wedding!

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Stay Organized

Oh how I love being OCD! The more organized you are, the less chance there is that something will go wrong. If you’re someone who likes to physically write down your plans, head to your local Canberra newsagency or stationery store and find a wedding planning book!  Keep all your wedding information in it: receipts, contracts, ideas, dates, times, locations—everything. If you’re more of a phone addict and love the idea of storing everything in an app, I have found over the years clients use the following apps: Wedding Happy, Wedding Party and of course for all the inspirational photos, pinterest! Personally, I loved collecting wedding magazines and keeping them for inspiration!

wedding planning in canberra, Canberra Wedding photographer, wedding magazines, canberra wedding photography, white, bride to be, Laurel and LaceSet your Budget and your Value list!

When I was planning my wedding a few years ago, I found a written down budget was a given. But what I also discovered through advice from many friends is that having a value list is also just as important. For example, write down all the main important vendors you need to book for your wedding. Now arrange these in a list from 1 to 10 (for example) in what you value the most at your wedding. Mine went something like this:

  1. Reception Location (Tiffany’s in Maleny on the Sunshine Coast)
  2. Food and Drink (We decided to have a cocktail style reception, so having enough food and drink to equal an entree, main and dessert was very important! Nothing like going to a cocktail reception with not enough food!)
  3. Photographer (of course!!!)
  4. Florals
  5. Stationery and styling / decorations
  6. Dress
  7. Hair and Makeup
  8. Wedding night accommodation
  9. DJ (It turns out paying $250 for a DJ for the night can be risky! You get what you pay for and I got a DJ which looked like he needed to be at a preschool disco with his set up…)
  10. Car hire (free from a friend!)

From here, I could look at how much money I wanted to allocate per item valued and how soon I should book them and in what order.

Divide and Conquer

This is the best way to get things done. You and your partner should both be involved every step of the way. Make a list of details to be taken care of, then divide the list in half and choose what you each want to do—your groom may not be concerned with exactly which style of flowers you have or what florist you get them from, and maybe you’re not picky about what suit brand he and his guys wear (or maybe you are!). But even though you have your checklist, it’s good to over-communicate. Be sure that if you’re sharing duties that you’re also sharing the details. It’s okay to take care of certain things by yourself, just make sure you’re telling each other about it so the caterer isn’t contacted twice. Jobs I find especially good for the guys are:

  1. Start with cake testing – its a great way to warm them up to planning a wedding!
  2. Car Hire – Guys and cars are a match always and there are some amazing Canberra wedding care hire companies out there!
  3. Reception Food and Drink deciding
  4. Celebrants. The more comfortable he is with your celebrant the better the ceremony experience for him and less nerves on the day!
  5. DJ / Entertainment and MC picking – totally can be done by a guy! Just make sure you are with him when selecting the music suggestions!

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Details, Contracts and Negotiations

When dealing with wedding vendors, be sure to clarify all the details and your expectations during the initial discussions. Make sure you get an agreement or contract specifically stating dates, times and locations, and spell everything out; it’s not about being difficult, it’s about paying for and receiving exactly what you want to make your day spectacular! Put all these important details into a folder that both you and your fiance can access at any time. Remember when choosing wedding vendors in Canberra, you get what you pay for.

Who can help you?

There are some amazing wedding planners out in Canberra who can help you plan that perfect day. I find that my clients who have a planner, or someone involved with all the little details and running around on the wedding day are the ones that are most relaxed! To not have to worry about ‘did the fairy lights turn up to the reception’ or ‘is the marquee set up in time?’ is amazing! Delegate others to do it! Here are some of my favourite wedding planners in the Canberra and Southern Highlands region:

  1. Willowhouse Events is one of Canberra’s top Wedding Planners 
  2. A touch of Elegance provide planning and styling to Canberra weddings
  3. Teacup Events create and plan beautiful Southern Highlands, Bowral weddings!

Don’t forget, it is meant to be enjoyable!

The engagement and wedding period is a fantastic part in life. Try not to sweat the small stuff and take each day/booking/payment at a time.  It is why I am so heavily involved with helping my clients create the best day possible for them. I have such passion in seeing the smiles, love and laughter on a wedding day is something that is truly special, and when the planning is over and it comes to your wedding day – feel that love too. It makes it all worth it!

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