Premium Artisan Albums + Prints

These products are for those who truly appreciate the art of their wedding photography. The Premium Artisan Albums is hand constructed in Australia using Italian book binding machines and techniques. Traditional Silver Halide Photographic Paper sandwiched with archival adhesives allows stunning double page spreads on single sheets of paper. Each page thick and luxurious ready to be loved and pored over for generations. These are hardy books that are easy to love and are designed to perfection.

*No Album credits can be applied to this album.


Artisan Designed, Made in Australia by one of Australia’s top print lab

Linen Cover with embossed cover text

40 pages flat lay with kodak archival matte card stock

Engraved florish finish or simple engraving on front

Variety of Colours in Linen or Metallic finish to choose from.

Complimentary Album Swaddle for protection


10×10″” – $995 inc. gst

12×12″ – $1195 inc. gst


11×11″ Linen Album to 10×10″Artisan Album  – $395 inc. gst

111×11″ Linen Album to 12×12″Artisan Album – $595 inc. gst


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Unbound Swathed Album

These soft, textured things of beauty are very hard to capture in a photograph. They need to be held, the weight of the thick hand made paper prints, the smell of the hand cut premium leather hide, the delicate texture of the etched details.  The Unbound Swathed Album is like a baby, all senses are engaged by it’s layers of sensation. Once the hide has the design template cut out by hand in the print workshop it is carefully constructed and etched to your requirements. We then fill it to the brim with the loveliest hand made paper prints you have ever seen.


Artisan Designed, Made in Australia by one of Australia’s top print lab


10 Prints – $600

15 Prints – $800

20 Prints – $1000

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How to upgrade / purchase an album

Simply email Shae today by clicking HERE and put in your request. A quote will be sent out to you for the order.